Are The Products Of Patanjali Safe To Consume? Please Share Your Experiences

Making the brand with a touch of Nationality is what Patanjali is doing these days. In all of their advertisements, they say that it is an Indian brand and our money is not going to any other country for the products we are buying. It’s true that they are an Indian brand but being new in the market, they don’t have sufficient resources to produce everything in house. Patanjali these days is trying to be in groceries, toiletries and everything else related to Ayurveda. When you expand to that level without enough resources, you resort to outsourcing.

Here’s What’s Wrong

To expand to this level, Patanjali has decided to buy products from local vendors and they are selling these products with their brand name ‘Patanjali’. They are building their brand by targeting the patriotism of every Indian citizen, which is not at all wrong. If they are an Indian brand and are promoting the movement of money in our economy, then we should buy products from them. But are they taking care of the quality?

Local vendors who supply products to Patanjali, are they certified? Or is there any quality check based on which Patanjali accepts or rejects the goods? Recently, in many print medias the products of Patanjali were criticized for not meeting the quality standards. After a recent lab test the army canteens banned the sale of Patanjali Amla Juice because it was  of sub standard quality.

Not just Amla juice,  samples of mustard oil, salt, pineapple jam, besan and honey were also of substandard quality. Besides the Patanjali products, 18 samples of Ayurveda drugs such as Avipattikara Churna, Talisadya Churna, Pushyanuga Churna, Lavan Bhaskar Churna, Yograj Guggulu, Laksha Guggulu were also found substandard.

Here’s What We Can Do

We, women, are the ones who notice every single thing we give to our family. I too was a customer of Patanjali, but after reading news about the adulteration, I am skeptical to buy any of Baba Ramdev’s products. Few women found slime in their amla juice, the honey doesn’t taste good at all because the suppliers sell Patanjali the lowest quality and the list of bad experiences is far much more greater than the good ones.

We at SheNeeds would like all of it’s readers to share their experiences of using Patanjali products. If most of you are facing the same issues, then we would raise a voice together. It’s after all an Indian brand..

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  1. S. Sanyal

    Mam r you sure about the quality maintained by the other multinational company products e.g KFC Nestle coca cola Domino s etc.i feel that those products are more adulterous than patanjali .or you r trying to promote them however this will not stop me from using patanjali rather I will ask others to use them

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