Menstrual Cups Or Sanitary Pads Or Tampons

If a lady uses a sanitary pad for her menstrual flow every month of the year, she would use around 10,000 sanitary pads. These pads take around 500-800 years to degrade on their own and then too they release harmful gases while decomposing. Then why is it that women are still using sanitary pads? There are other options available in the market.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are the easiest option a woman can choose when it comes to her menstrual hygiene. You can just open it up to stick it to your underwear and you are good to go. But due to the environmental hazard these pads are creating women are considering other options like Tampons and Menstrual cups.

Out of the three methods only sanitary pads are used externally and that is why they are the popular choice. Women are reluctant to put something inside their vaginas and they are unaware about the health problems which a sanitary pad can impose. According to Dr.Duru Shah, a Mumbai based Gynecologist, Sanitary pads are the reasons of fungal infections, severe rashes and even bad odor in many women.


Tampons are thick cottony sticks which you insert in your vaginas and they absorb all of your menstrual flow. But along the flow, tampons also absorb the secretions of vaginal walls which is meant to ward off bacteria. Once inside tampons doesn’t differentiate between menstrual flow and the secretions from the walls of vagina.Tampons are however, very comfortable to use once you get used to it. You have far much more physical liberty and the rashes on the sides of the thighs due to constant rubbing of sanitary pad gets vanished.

Tampons, like sanitary pads, are supposed to be changed in every 4-6 hours and they are a strict no-no while a women is not on periods. If the tampon is kept for a prolonged period of time, it may be the cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome which leads to high-fever, skin-rashes and vomiting. It’s rare but can be fatal too.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are the most popular choice these days as they don’t impose a threat on the health. Although women are reluctant to use them initially because they too are to be inserted in the vaginas but when the benefits are described they are given a fair chance and they win on the scale of safety. These menstrual cups collect the blood flow in a cup shaped object which can be taken out and cleaned before each insertion. These cups are made with silicon or rubber. These cups don’t harm the environment  and they can be reused. These cups don’t disturb the walls and their secretion because they collect the discharge from the cervix.

Many doctors are recommending  the use of menstrual cups and they are trying to take this menstrual method of hygiene to all the corners of our country. It is economical and it doesn’t  harm the health.

It’s time you make an informed decision ladies..


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  1. Its fab that you have given an overview, its so important women know they have a choice! Personally I would recommend a menstrual cup for many reasons which I mention on my blog!-

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