MySuperBrain has come up with a unique talent hunt competition for the students of grades I to IX. All across our country there are more than 30 crore students who go to school everyday and have some or the other talent hidden in them. It’s very rare that parents find a way to showcase their child’s talent to the world. This initiative by MySuperBrain aims on doing the same and is inviting parents from all across the country to encourage their children to participate.

Here are all the details of the Talent Hunt

The website called has all the details related to the talent competition. It invites applications from children who are good writers, painters, singers, dancers and much more. All you need to do is to visit their page and register.

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After you register, you will be required to login and choose which talent you want to showcase.

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Let the world know what your child is good at. Just click here and register:

The registration is free and you can submit your entries right away. The best part about MSB Carnival is that all your talents would be viewed by hundreds of people from all across India. You will get lots of recognition for your talents. So, don’t waste time and register. Here are the important dates:

Start Date: 14th of August

End Date: 30th of September

Results: 15th of October