As india celebrates it’s  70 th Independence day today, we are happy that we are moving towards a better place for us to live. Our nation is free and today we celebrate every breath we take in this freedom.

But amongst all the joy, there are a few things which still bother me to an extent that I often wonder if we would ever be free in a true sense. We are a democracy, we have rights and duties towards our country and our fellow Indians but we seldom do our part of duties.  We all remember the list of rights and we are very well aware of using those rights at the right time but we have completely managed to erase duties from our dictionary. In today’s  India, I don’t believe that we are still as independent as we should have been. If it were upto me, I would erase

The Traditions which are sucking the life out of us

We will not be considered truly independent till the time we stop believing in the traditions and practices which are harming us in more than one way. Be it the birth of a girl child or be it dowry, every year they claim lives of hundreds of girls and we still follow them blindly in the name of traditions. Traditions are followed to spread joy and cheer around, not to torture someone because of her gender. There are many people including women who advocate these age old traditions and refuse to let them go. The uncivilized behavior with women in their periods, the tradition of literally abandoning a girl’s parents after marriage need some serious thought and action. We need to free ourselves from such traditions before they damage our minds any further.

Notion That We are Not Equals

This is the most important thing which I think the young and modern India should change and be free from. The notion which is set in the minds of all; Men are superior is one of the burning issues of today’s times. We were both made equals. In earlier times women chose to be with the family and nurture them because she was gifted with a feeling of compassion. Women were good at it and that is why they took the charge, not because they were incapable. There are disparities in income, in promotions, in opportunities. Men are favored more otherwise why would it be that the actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are still acting and who they were cast opposite to in the beginning of their careers are no where to be seen. We need to make a new Independence resolution that we are all equals irrespective of our cast and gender.

People’s Perception Of Others

I have not met a single soul who doesn’t hold opinions of others. It’s absolutely fine to a certain extent but in India, we stretch it a bit too far. We form opinions about things and people, we advertise them and talk about them openly and we keep acting on it till the time we die. We don’t try to look beyond what we can understand with our little approach. We just don’t try.

If it’s the case of religious intolerance or the intolerance of a bahu towards a saas, or vice versa, no one sees beyond what they feel and understand. If we could be given a new set of eyes within our selves, and if we could truly see, wouldn’t our lives change? If instead of judging every one and everything, we could just start perceiving things in their own flavor, wouldn’t everything just solve?

Today on Independece Day, let’s pledge to make a free India, a new India.