A baby suffering from a severe cough and cold is every mother’s nightmare. Firstly, the cough and cold are accompanied by a mild to high fever and it makes the child very irritable. Breathing gets difficult and it’s a big hassle to put the child to sleep.

Very often mothers ask for the home remedies to cure cough and cold. Just like all of them I also believe in curing my child without the use of medicines. I know the ingredients found in our kitchen are strong and very effective. Proper use of our medicinal herbs can cure a child’s cough and cold and will also increase his immunity in the longer run.

Today I bring to you the best home remedies to treat children suffering from cough and cold.

Steam (Suitable for all ages)

When a child gets a blocked nose, it’s difficult for him to understand that he can breathe through his mouth too. He gets irritable and cries because of his inability to breathe properly. Steam is a remedy which can be done for new born to grownups.

  • If you have a infant suffering from blocked nose, then boil water and add two drops of eucalyptus oil in it. The smell of the oil will open your baby’s blocked nose and will humidify the surroundings to dryness inside his nasal tracts. Don’t keep it too close as your baby’s movements can spill the water or the humidifier you are using and he may be harmed. 
  • If your child is more than a year old, then give him a hot shower. When he will stand in the bathroom full of steam, all the nasal blockages will clear easily.
  • You can also use a steaming kettle to give vapor to your child but make sure that you are supervising and there are no chances of him being harmed.

Kachchi Haldi

As we all already know that turmeric is the miracle masala found in our kitchens. What we often forget is the fact that the turmeric milk which soothes cough and cold is prepared with Kachchi haldi. It has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti septic properties which soothes a child’s cold within a day or two. (ALSO READ: Most Effective Home Remedies For Deworming Your Kids)

  • Boil a glass of milk and crush about an inch of kachchi haldi.
  • Add it to the milk and let it boil for ten minutes.
  • You can also add a little bit of ginger.
  • Put some sugar and serve it to your child luke warm.


For new borns:

  • Since babies are exclusively breast fed for the first six months, they can’t be given anything orally. You can roast a spoonful of ajwain seeds in a pan and tie them in a small, thin cotton cloth.
  • Make your baby sniff the roasted ajwain for ten minutes after every 4 hours. You can also keep the potli beside him while he sleeps.

For One year and above:

Honey and Cinnamon or Dal chini (1 year and above)

Honey and cinnamon are both very beneficial in sore throats. If your child has cough and it is making him restless at nights too, then you can give him the miracle potion of honey and cinnamon.

  • Grind cinnamon into very fine powder.
  • Add one tea spoon of honey
  • mix them properly and give them to your child with luke warm water.

It clears all the sinuses and cures the most severe coughs too. You child will be able to rest properly and will heal faster.

Saline Drops ( suitable for all)

In our Ayuveda, saline water or salt water is considered as the most effective remedy to drain the nasal blockages. You all must have heard about Neti treatments. Since your child is small, you can use saline drops available in the market or you can make them in your own home using salt and water. (ALSO READ: Step By Step Guide To Take Care Of Your Baby If He Suffers From Diarrhea)

  • Add two to four drops of saline water in your child’s nose.
  • Massage his sinuses very softly and then clear the nose pressing it or using a bulb.
  • You can do this after every 2-3 hours and your child will be able to breathe properly

Kadha (one year and above)

In our times kadha was one of the most scary treatment we got. But now since we have become parents, we know how miraculous it’s affects are. There are many ingredients you can use for a kadha. You can make the following blends:

  • Ginger, Cinnamon and jaggery
  • Cinnamon, ajwain and jaggery
  • Tulsi, laung, ginger and jaggery
  • Tulsi tea

Right Use of Vapour Rub (Suitable for all)

For children vapour rub should never be used on the chest or on the nose or inside the nostrils. It’s smell is very strong and can harm your child. To use it’s warmth you can rub it on the feet of your child and can make him wear socks while he sleeps. This will relieve his cold and will give him a warmth to sleep peacefully. Congestion will also be relieved if you do it two times a day for five days. (ALSO READ: Home Remedies For Fever)

Oil (Suitable for all)

To keep your child’s chest warm and to melt the cough which has congested inside, you can make your own medicinal oil. All you need to do is to apply the oil on your child’s chest and back as you put him down to sleep. Use slight pressure to massage the oil and you can see it work in just two applications.

  • Heat til (Sesame) oil in a pan.
  • Add ajwain, ginger and laung
  • Let the ingredients burn. Remove the pan and let the oil cool down.
  • Massage this oil on the chest and the back.

To add some more comfort:

  • Give lots of fluids to your child as it will prevent dehydration and will thin the nasal secretions
  • Let your child sleep for as many as hours as he wants.
  • Elevate your child’s head while he sleeps. It will make it easier for him to breathe.