It’s a race and if you won’t start running, you will be left behind. This is the statement which we all must have heard while growing up. In earlier days, parents were not ready to accept that there should be anything else in a child’s life except studying. The children choosing a career other than being a doctor or an engineer were considered blessed by his peers. The race was on, children kept fighting to make a place for their own. Now the parents have evolved a bit. They know that the horizon of careers have expanded to a great extent. They know that the children who don’t choose to be doctors, engineers or CA’s can have a secure future too. But the race is still on. Now children have to compete from a very tender age of six or seven.

A new trend has emerged in the last decade and the trend gives a platform to all the little children to showcase their talent. It may be singing, acting, cooking or dancing, we have seen a reality show based on all. These child reality shows look so buttery and creamy from the outside. It looks like that the people are so concerned about the futures of these little stars but that’s not the case. From Junior Masterchef, to sa re ga ma pa lil champs, to sabse bada kalakar and many more such reality shows which are very popular these days, it’s only money which is being made at the cost of these little children’s future.

There has always been an edge when children are on screen. They gain popularity very quickly and the TRP’s start to soar with each episode. The little, cute children who catch everyone’s eye wear beautiful dresses, wear make up and start to behave like over grown children. Their innocence gets lost somewhere along the way.

Take for instance the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs, a cute little host Jayesh Kumar is given a script and he is asked to hit on Neha Kakkar. He keeps on making comments, bringing roses for her and does many such thing which a child his age wouldn’t even be aware of. All this just to earn lots of flak from the viewers.


Finally, someone who has the power to make a change has raised his voice and has asked to ban all the reality shows which has children. The director of Piku, Shoojit Sircar, tweeted it to the higher authorities that these reality shows drain children emotionally and make them loose their purity.

He said, ” “Humble request to authorities to urgently ban all reality shows involving children. It’s actually destroying them emotionally and their purity.” his tweet has been retweeted almost 8.6k times and has 12k likes. The people agree to the thought that children get exploited on the stages like these and no good comes out from making children fight for winning a title when they are so young.

Shoojit Sircar is known for raising voice for socially relevant issues and has requested parents not to pressurize kids for exams in the past.

Talking about his film, #ReleasethePressure, in an interview to PTI, he said,” “Mounting pressure on the kids to perform, has become a stark reality of every urban child’s growing up years. And I firmly believe our primary responsibility as a conscientious parent, as citizens and as makers of this film, is to not only raise this issue but also to raise it in a manner keeping in mind the sensitivity of the matter for the kids that face it. And hence, I shot this film in a manner where I only facilitated the process for the child to open up his feelings – an innocent, emotional, pure outburst of a child’s emotion. It is my sincere hope that this film triggers a healthy conversation between parent and child, and facilitates a greater awareness and better understanding towards each other,”

Just like Shoojit Sircar we too hope that his tweet will bring a change and will make people realize that kids should be given a life to grow by themselves, with no pressure of making a career, finding a field of interest for themselves and proving it to the entire nation by competing in these reality shows.


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