Sarees are India’s most graceful attire. A beautifully draped saree not only makes a women look delicate and graceful, it also adds tons of power and authority to her personality. These days draping a saree has been revolutionized to such an extent that the beauty of it is lost somewhere in the race.

A saree is the only outfit which makes a woman look beautiful, elegant, serene and powerful, all at the same time. Nothing speaks authority more than a crisp saree and nothing speaks compassion more than a delicate chiffon drape. Women from all over the world are so impressed by this attire that they often try their hands in draping those six yards.

Today we are presenting to you the women of power who have chosen saree to be their face of authority. Let’s start with our very well known tinsel town girl who is making big in Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has become an international celebrity these days. Not only is she working in Indian cinema, she is contributing equally to the social causes and has made a place for herself in Hollywood.  After getting listed in the world’s 100 most powerful people by Times, Priyanka has left an everlasting impact on women’s lives. She has inspired millions and for many of her power pact appearances like the one in UNICEF Gala or receiving the Padma Shree, Priyanka has chosen saree. Have a look:


Chitra Ramkrishna

Chitra Ramakrishna is the CEO of National Stock exchange and she empowers women to the maximum  possible extent. She gives jobs to qualified women on the basis of merit and claims that there are one third women in her workplace. She has the power to bring a change for women and she defines her power in a saree. Her crisp and tender personality gets defined by her sarees. See for yourself

chitra ramkrishna

Aarthi Subramanian

One more powerful lady of India from the prestigious Tata group. She is the executive director of TCS and her confidence is perfectly reflected in her choice of attire. Driving her company towards a nation centric work made this woman a jewel in our country’s crown. Called by her nick name ‘Ms Fixit’, Ms, Subramaniam has made it to the board of directors and she has no plans to stop any time soon. This woman of steel dresses herself to command and her favorite attire is a saree. Her beautiful silks and cottons are to die for.


Arundhati Bhattacharya

Well, if we are making a list of powerful women who are saree lovers, how can we forget the chairmen of the State Bank Of India, Arundhati Bhattacharya. She along with her work ethics are a brilliant example of how women in power can impact generations to come. She has revolutionized the working systems of her bank and has created strategies which have the foresight to prove beneficial even 50 years from now. Her designation is impressive and so is her dressing. This woman dresses up like she has the courage to bring a change and her smile assures that it will all be for good.


Ashu Suyash

We know that you have not heard about the women mentioned here but it’s good to know some brain storming new things once in a while. Meet Ashu Suyash; MD and CEO of CRISIL. When she took this powerful post, she had no experience of working with a credit rating agency. She has made CRISIL what it is today and her vision as an outsider has benefited one and all. For a woman who enters a new arena, she dresses quiet humbly and her humility now roars with power. This simple, beautiful female redefines grace for today’s generation while giving them some serious career coals.



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