There are certain couples who are blessed to conceive a child whenever they want. Their bodies support them, their financial health is supportive and they have ample support to bring up their child when how comes into this world. However, there is a sad contrary to these happy groups. There are couples who are desperate to have a child but there is always something or the other which stands in their way of having a child.

They say that a woman is not complete till the time she becomes a mother. As inconsiderate as this thought is, there is one more inconsiderate scenario where women are willing to be mothers but our law stops them. If some couples try to have a child by all the natural means and fail, they go for adoption. Many people just think that they might take a homeless child and will give him the love of parents without having to make a baby of their own. All these parents to be have a heart full of hope till the time they find out about the process of adoption.

How Adoption rules fuel Baby Trade?

Earlier as per the adoption rules, the parents willing to adopt were to fill forms and got to hand pick children from the orphanages. The parents were wait listed as our authorities wanted to make sure that the right child went to right parents. There was however, an unnecessary delay involved in everything  which goes through a government process. It was the same for adoption.

There were 3,210 legal adoptions in India between April 2016 and March this year, and a waiting list of 15,000 couples. These figures occur against a backdrop of approximately 50,000 orphans across India, according to NGOs, and about 30 million infertile couples. This huge gap between demand and supply somehow fueled the black market baby trade.

Major baby trafficking rackets got revealed in the recent past where the girls who were pregnant before marriage were forced to give up their child. The poor families who are in dire need of money are offered money in return of their newborn. They surrender as they can always make a new baby, they can’t get so much money so easily.

In some cases the babies were declared dead to his parents just to be sold off to someone else in a matter of a few hours. It is sad that there are countless children in India who are in need of love and affection from someone and there million of couples who seek a child’s presence in their home, yet both keep suffering without each other.

According to Arun Dohle (Newsdeeply report), who runs Against Child Trafficking, an NGO says, ““You can buy a baby from a nursing home, you get a new birth certificate, put your name as the parent and everything is fine. You call it adoption so it’s a good thing, right?”

“The legal route is the same thing. The only difference is that the shortcut [the illegal way] takes a shorter period of time and is a bit more expensive. The system doesn’t work.

“I get calls from people wanting to adopt, but they’ve been asked for bribes from agencies, even the most ethical ones,”

New Reform

After arresting more than 20 people and getting rid of numerous hospitals involved in  baby trafficking, a new reform has been launched to improve the adoption rules in India. Now there is an automated system which matches children with his prospective parents to make the process more transparent and short. Now parents are given a child and are asked if they like him. If not they are given two more children, one at a time and if they dislike all three they are moved to the bottom of the wait list.

We don’t know how successful this new online adoption method is, we know one thing for sure and it is that money plays a major role in channeling these baby trade routes. People want babies, the government processes are slow, they have enough money to go through a less complicated process, so they choose to take a baby illegally. They don’t know that just hours ago this baby was taken away from the arms of his mother and she now thinks that her baby died.


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