Let’s start with a story today. Once there was a man who was walking down the jungle.  Since he was very tired of walking he wished if there was a place for him to rest a little. A few steps ahead on his path, he came across a big shady tree. He looked at the tree and thought that I might just rest for a little while under the breezy shade. When he lied down he realized that he was hungry. He wished if there was some food for him. If his stomach would be full, he would sleep so well. Suddenly, lots of food appeared in front of him and he ate it all with immense joy. When he laid down to sleep again he wished to drink some water and he was presented with all sorts of drinks. He went off to sleep and got up well rested.

After waking up with a fresh mind, he thought about what happened to him before he went to sleep. He wished for a place to sleep, he got a shady tree, he wished for food, he was given lots of it to eat, he wished for water and he got it too. His mind then suggested him that there must be some ghosts around him which are making these things happen for him. He got scared and thought that the ghosts will now torture me. His thoughts came true once again and he got tortured by the ghosts which never existed a minute ago. Then he thought that he will die because of theses ghosts and he did.

The moral of the story is that a man is a genie himself. He is his own wishing tree or a Kalp Vriksha. His thoughts have the power to make things come true for him. just because the man doesn’t know the power of his mind, he lets it overpower him.

Out of all the technologies available to the people in the world, the most advanced piece is gifted to them and is called brain. They however don’t know it’s true potential. If the capabilities of a brain are explored to it’s fullest , then you will have the power to turn your thoughts into things.

An unestablished mind is like a monkey. It will make you think a hundred things, some of them are good, some are bad but it will constantly bring a million thoughts to you. It is very sincere with the job allotted to him. It will constantly tell you that your past will be imitated in your future. It is up to you if you let him make you feel the same way.

On every small occasion of your life, your mind will tell you a hundred reasons to be fearful and sad. When you will ask it will give you a hundred reasons to be happy too. It is now up to you how you use the most miraculous gift given to you by nature.

Don’t let your mind drift you away in the negative possibilities of the future. Keep your command and ask him again and again if it can show you a picture of a brighter tomorrow. When you will command it will follow. Don’t tell the universe the possibilities that you think are possible for you. For the person who got the idea to create a camera for the first time, it wouldn’t have been possible, if he were stuck in the things which can happen or not happen according to his mind’s logic. Don’t tell yourself that this won’t work because you don’t know how to establish your mind. You will once again tell the universe that you are incapable. Decide that you will try your best to explore the potential of your brain. then, your future will be created by you and no one else. Use the tool given to you at it’s fullest and see the magic!


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