It’s a very well known fact that Art is the expression of one’s own thoughts. When we start to decorate our space, the first thing which comes in our minds is the selection of art. Just like well placed and well chosen artwork has the power to make your house feel blissful and energetic, poor choices of art makes your house dull and sad.

Today we are presenting to your some of the basic pointers which your should consider while buying paintings for your home or your work space.

Paintings affect your sub conscious

Art was never meant to work on your conscious mind, it was meant to work on your sub conscious. When you look at a painting, there are some things which you understand consciously but there are many factors which affect your sub conscious mind. Don’t buy art just because someone recommended it to you. Buy it when you understand it otherwise it will create a confusion in your sub conscious mind and you will not even realize the source of your confusion.

Buy art which excites you everyday

The paintings which you choose for your home should pass the criteria of making you feel the same every single day of your life. If you buy a painting which is a “m not sure” on the scale of getting you thrilled, then it’s not the right choice. For the paintings which go in the living room or the hallways, a wow factor is a must.


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Never buy paintings with the same color as your room

The whole purpose of putting up a painting is to brighten up your house and bring a good feel to it. When you choose a painting with the same color as your room, it will get merged into the wall and will not create the magic you were waiting for. Don’t try to match the colors, play with them and feel the liveliness.


Create the feeling which you want to foster

Paintings are a very powerful means to create a certain type of environment in your home. For creating a feeling of bliss, joy and happiness, choose paintings which show the joyful moments of life. For example if you put up a painting of a baby bathing in the rain, it will make you feel immensely  joyful every time you look at it. Or if you put up a painting of grand snow capped mountains with golden sunlight it will make you feel hopeful even in the darkest times of your life. Choose paintings wisely and create bliss consciously.


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