Summer is the perfect time to learn how to swim. It gives you a rejuvenating feeling and you become skilled in a life’s essential training. It doesn’t  matter if you want to loose fat or are just trying to learn something new this summer, swimming is your perfect answer. It will boost your metabolism and will tone your muscles at the same time. Since the water is way too dense than air, you will be under lots of resistance underwater and it will make your body burn those calories you want.

Today let’s know in detail why swimming is the best exercise for you.

1. It’s  a full body workout

When you hit a gym, you work on certain muscle groups. Even after you try to exercise  in a way which engages our whole body, there are a few muscle groups which remain untrained. Your deltoids, calf muscles, ham strings, all get equally strained and it develops your core strength too. It requires strength to maintain your balance under water and it burns up upto 500 calories in an hour.

2. Injury prevention

As a person age, he becomes more prone to injuries. Since swimming strengthens the joints and the muscles, it prevents the injuries when age increases. The hip flexors become stronger​ and it leads to a very healthy aging process.

3. Strengthens bones

Many studies prove that when a person swims regularly, his bone mineral  density increases. In comparison to a person who doesn’t  indulge himself in any exercise,  a person who only swims for recreation has good bone strength.

4. You will not only feel young, you will look young too

For all those who want to turn the clock around, swimming should be their first choice. In a research done by Indian university,  it was proved that biologically regular swimmers look younger than their usual age. Swimming increases their cardiovascular strength,  their muscle mass and their cognitive functioning. It all leads to a younger you.

5. Improves endurance

Swimming is your best option if you want to build your endurance. Regular swimmers have a higher stamina. In Swimming you take deep breaths and the proper oxygen supply to your body makes your lungs and stamina stronger.

6. Stress reliever

When a body is under water, it soothes the body and the mind. You body feels relaxed and endorphins are released which make you feel lighter and stressfree.

7. Improves blood flow

Water​ exerts pressure on a human body and the pressure around the chest increases. The blood circulation improves as the heart pumps more blood due to the pressure. Increased blood flow helps your brain to function better.

Swimming decreases the risk of a heart’s disease and it also regulates sugar in our bodies. It is the only exercise which can make a person enjoy in the process of making himself fit and healthy.

After reading so many benefits of swimming, we are sure you would choose it to be your summer mantra. Stay tuned to SheNeeds for more updates.

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