In today’s​ times where a regular day starts very early in the morning and ends late at night, almost all of us deal with issues related to stress. We get so stressed out that our job, our family, our hobbies all look like a big burden on our lives. In our course to survive we forget that stress is not a permanent part of our lives. It is a situation and it can be handled.


What is stress?
According to many people stress is a mental pressure which is created on a person when he gets too much on his plate. Well, stress is not what it looks like on the outside. We say we get stressed out because of our jobs. Will we be stress free if we were jobless? Mother’s get stressed due to a child’s constant mischief, will she be stress free if the child would have been dull?
To eliminate stress, we need to understand that it is not something which is forced upon us from the outside world. It is getting generated from within us and it is our own incapability to handle our system.
When we just function in a default mode, we often start to complain of stress. Our body, our emotions, our mind, our energy, all need to be coordinated and known to us. If we will just function like we have to get through life, we will be stressed.
Stress is not because of any activity which you are doing or because of any situation, it is because of your incapability to manage your own system efficiently.
How to eliminate it from our lives?
Since we have already established the fact that stress is generated from within our selves, we need to know that the solution will also be within us.
Let us take an example of three men who were sales executives and were planting trees on orders. On being asked what he is doing, the first man replied,” can’t you see? I am doing a job which is out of my job description.”
When the second person was asked the same question, he replied,” I am getting my hands dirty just to make a living.”
The third person, who was in the same situation answered the question a little differently. He said that he is nurturing the mother earth and is ecstatic that he found time to plant trees after all..
Let’s take one more example where a teenage boy wishes to be a doctor. He studies very hard and plans to be the pediatrician in town. Once he finishes his studies, he starts getting recognized as one of the best doctors in town. His patients increase manifolds and he gains credibility. Now he is so good a doctor that he consults almost 500 patients in a day. He wakes up at 5 and comes back home at 12. He can see that his life will be the same till the time he retires and it makes him stressful.
Is it right for him to be stressed with something he himself wished for? And why is he taking it for granted that he will live like this for the rest of life.? Is he sure that he is going to live till 70? He can now either be stressful about the fact that he doesn’t have time to live or he can be joyful that he is living his dream.
It’s just how we take life, makes us stressful. If we realize that we are mortals and we will not live forever, our point of views will change drastically. We just think that life is permanent and we have to keep going the way we are going. There is no solution to it. We can’t quit our jobs, can’t leave our husbands or our children or our families. We think that there is no better way and we can’t be more wrong.
There is a better way where we can change the context of our life. We can’t change the content as it is something which we have fixated. No change in family , or the husband or the job but we can change how we look at them.
Just a change in our point of view  will bring a drastic change in our stress. Our systems won’t function by accident. We will make our body,our mind, our emotions function as per our wish. There will be no chaos if we will be joyful from within.
The first step towards being stressless is to tell yourself that stress is nobody else’s fault except your own. Tell the truth to yourself and then you will definitely find a way to make yourself function in a better way.
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