“Behind those shiny sarees and makeup so wild,

You will see a compassionate mother desperate to earn for her child”

Remember the last time you passed from one of those places where bodies are sold? Remember how yu judged them for doing what they do? In India a girl is forced to enter the business of flesh every three minutes. All we do is judge them.

Kunal Kapoor’s poetry on sex slavery made us think. It moved something inside and we sure are not happy with our thought process. Looking at the sex workers with an eye full of disgust is the most common thing we all do. What we don’t realize is that these women are providing for their families, they are sending their children to good schools and are trying to make a better future for the coming generations. So what if they sell their skin to earn.

It’s buyer of the skin who should be under the radar of questioning, not the one who is in desperate need on money.

Watch the poetry right here and let us know what you think?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcvubRYSsFA?ecver=2]