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Is Bollywood to blame for India’s rape culture?

Bollywood is the only influential art industry of today’s India. Although our country has a very rich culture and is endowed with some brilliant art forms yet none of them has the impact which Bollywood  has. Watching a movie every now and then has become a part of people’s routines.The show was house full or I saw this movie 5 times are some of the common statements we hear from our friends and family.
Today I want to address a concern which has been bothering me for a very long time. For an industry so powerful, is it justified for them to promote something which is ruining the culture of India?
In a country where most of the audience of Bollywood is the youth, is Bollywood understanding what it is dealing with? In our country where every minute a woman is raped, in every nook and corner rape culture is being cultivated, is it justified for Bollywood to keep promoting the slitting of wrists and stalking? Let’s define what Rape Culture is. Rape culture is a scenario where the behaviors which lead to rape are cultivated. Many have been talking about the influence of Bollywood on our youth’s mind. I want to bring to light that this rape culture is not just promoted but was also born in Bollywood. he sad part is that they are still nurturing it in almost every movie they make.
They serve the steps for a guy to win a girl’s  heart. Let’s  take for example the movie RHTDM; Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein. You all must have seen it. It was a very popular movie among the teens and the youth. What did it serve?  It served the formula to get a girl step by step. The guy is allowed to lie about his identity to a girl, can get in a relationship,  when she finds out the truth she back off but the guy doesn’t.  He stalks her, threatens her family, her fiance and her friends. He gets into fights with almost everyone and as usual the customary happy ending follows.  The girl give in by choice. Is this the way to fall in love? Is this how we project women? Are they just the objects which need to be acquired? No self respect, no right to her opinion.
Let’s see in detail how Bollywood  is to be blamed for cultivating rape culture in India.

Hasee to Phasee attitude

It is very natural for boys to try and gain a girl’s attention. Nature has made them that way. They do all the fancy things and it’s  a game of attention for them. Bollywood has however given this game a very ugly face. The boys who try to gain attention have started to think that a girl is agreeing to his thinking if she smiled at any of his jokes. This dialogue from almost all our movies is ruining our youth and they feel that if a girl smiles at his doings it means that she is interested in him.  In absolute contrast to what she feels, a smile is taken as a token to what comes next.

Stalk till you die

This is the next step which Bollywood has glorified.  In movies like Ranjhana, Badri ki dulhnia and many more, it is seen that a guy tries to pursue a girl to the extent of stalking. No matter how many times a girl says that she has no interest to be with the guy, he stalks her as if it is his birth right. Once again there is no one  to blame but Bollywood for this creepy mentality which has become a common practise to woo a girl.  What example are you setting? Stalking the girl to the college, in the market, standing outside her house at night, is it all so easy to overlook? Aren’t  they projecting a threat to a girl’s  freedom?

Tera dhyan kidhar hai Tera hero idhar hai

One more rotten practice which Bollywood has promoted since ages. Right from DDLJ to the latest movies, it is a seen the the hero makes derogatory remarks and passes comments on a girl every single time he meets her. “Seeti bajana” is considered to be too less to gain a girl’s  attention. They need to do something  overly dramatic to get her attention. Calling her item, maal are just the regular words a girl hear in a day.

Force your love on her

Bollywood has just not stopped on making eve teasing or stalking normal. It has taught the hopeless lovers of our country to be possessive.  If the girl says no, then you can just slit your wrist and make her feel guilty of taking a guy’s life. Just a hope that she might say yes after he will be admitted to the hospital, hanging half way between life and death, is enough for a guy to slit his wrist.
Life is not a story written by the shitty minds of Bollywood’s script writers. No girl will come and kiss a guy lying on a hospital bed just because he loved her to extent of sacrificing his life for her.

Ladki ki na me hi uski haan chupi haI

This is the most horrible notion which Bollywood has created. Ladki  ki haan  me haan  aur na me na haI.  There is no hidden meaning. No means no. But Bollywood doesn’t  understand. For them a yes means a yes and a no means a maybe. Why? Why can’t they teach them that a girl’s  opinion is important.  Just a guy falling in love with a girl is not sufficient enough for them to have a relationship. She needs to agree. You can’t  force her to be in love.
It’s very sad to see that the girl too gives in to the constant bugging of a guy in these movies. When will Bollywood learn that they have a very deep impact on the minds of their audiences. The culture they are nurturing is leading to people getting overly possessive. The whole concept of love has been ruined. A beautiful feeling has been given a mask of pagalpan and people are doing everything  to be just like the hero. Everyday we hear the stories of guys throwing acids on girls, stalking them, molesting them in aloof corners. This is not what love is.
It’s a request to all the people who have power in their hands to reach out to masses, PLEASE DON’T  PROMOTE RAPE CULTURE. Don’t  tell all guys that it is all OK to be mad in love. If you have the power to be heard, say something worthy.  Don’t  disappoint.
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  1. Umar

    Dear Madam,

    Thank you for this article. You have raised many valid points. I genuinely feel that the Bollywood industry needs to acknowledge the fact that their films have a huge influence on the public, especially the youth. I strongly feel that the frequency and needless use of actresses dressed in inappropriate outfits, intimate scenes and item songs need to be addressed.

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