Everyone’s mother is an inspiration for them. She embodies strength, courage and patience all at the same time. All throughout her life just the mother is the one whose compassion never gets compromised just because she is busy taking care of the other responsibilities of life. Here’s a story of one such mother who never thought it’s too late for her to start.

Being the brilliant student of her class, this little girl had ambitions of imparting her hard earned knowledge to others. Getting the highest of ranks was a piece of cake for her. After finishing school, just like all the other friends of hers she joined the college. Her father was a Vetenerary doctor and that too a very honest one. Hence, their lives were not very lavish but their family had everything which makes a person happy. The love and the warmth of togetherness were their treasures. It often happened that all of the brothers and sisters got their clothes made from the same yard length cloth. But their happiness never got defined from the scarcity and this amazing source of happiness from within then became their strength.
Having a wonderful upbringing, this little girl grew up to a beautiful woman. Her roots were so grounded that she never had pride in her beauty and it made her even more beautiful. She stood amongst the few who excelled in everything. Her college finished and she was just planning to get her B.ed done when her marriage got fixed. With the pressure of her in-laws to get married, she stood her ground and finished her degree to be able to have a career of her own.
After getting her B.ed done, she got married to a wonderful man. She started to earn for the family and got herself a job in a school nearby. Just one earning hand was not sufficient to take care of a family of four. These dire conditions suppressed her ambition to be something really big in her life.
But after spending almost 20 years trying to give her family a wonderful atmosphere to live in, one day she found out that there are a few government job vacancies coming up in which she can apply. She was now almost 40 and she was thinking about upgrading herself to be a lecturer from a high school teacher. With a family of 10, out of which 5 were children, she decided to take up her rusted books again. She worked in the day and still somehow managed the time to dedicate to her upcoming exam. After spending numerous hours, she qualified “NET” exam when she was 41. The whole family rejoiced because this was an almost impossible thing to do. She then pursued her pH.d in Sanskrit and went on to become a lecturer. She didn’t know that her stars had something else in store. Just as she completed her PhD the government stopped declaring new vacancies¬†and she never saw one till the time she was over age to apply.
A little disheartened with the justice of the universe , this woman decided not to give up just yet. Since the PhD was in Sanskrit and it’s topic was very well known to all as Vastushastra, she went on to do various business courses to excel what she learnt.
At 51 she finished her course and started a wonderful business which gave her the satisfaction to improve people’s lives. All this while she never counted herself to be unfortunate, she always believed that something better is there in store for her.
This is the story of my mother, who till date is the strength of her family. She is an example for all those who think that job and family can’t go hand in hand. She set such a brilliant example for her children that they never think about giving up.They have seen their mother standing tall through all the hardships of life.
Today I would like to thank all the wonderful mothers who never think about taking a step back from their lives just because going further gets difficult. I salute all the women out there who are a true inspiration to everyone around them. A heart felt thanks to my maa who is now shining bright. Thank you maa for doing what you did.
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