We live in a country where Engineers or Doctors are the most sought after professions and youth pursues them without giving other career choices any thought. These days since people have started to grow out of the conventional ways to make a career, the ones who do try to expand their horizon. They consider all the possibilities of a successful carer and then choose the one which suits them the most.
Statistics have shown growing interest of students in subjects of law as the number of aspirants for the Common law admission test has increased drastically. More and more people are opting for this stream as their profession. There are certain reason for the students to chose law as their stream to pursue further studies. Let us look at why students are shifting their interests from the basic engineering and medical courses and why law is great as a career.

1. Scope

Talking of the indian scenario, scope for legal jobs has widened suddenly. Government jobs as well as private posts of attorneys and legal advisors for multinational corporations present very desirable work conditions, pay and low work load which attracts aspirants’ attention. Organisations like national or private legal aid which provides help and legal advice to those families who are not financially secure enough to file suits are pinnacles of welfare and especially for indian population, around 40% of which is below poverty line.

2. Government jobs

Contrary to what most of us think, lawyers don’t just sit outside the court house, there are innumerable jobs provided by the government of india. Judiciary in itself is a mass employer and provided it’s amazing reputation among the people, judges of the courts, legal professionals are endowed with a prestigious title and respect. Public prosecutors and government advisors are a few of the many jobs provided to each government department.

3. Corporate

Corporate legal jobs are most sought after by people these days. Large multi national companies have the post for lawyers for disputes between it’s clients and between other MNCs.
Companies have in house legal advisors for different scenarios. A legal team is retained for all purposes ranging from patents to mergers to contracts.

4. Growth

There are two courses, one of which is a three year LLB course and the other is a five year course which includes a graduate course along with the LLB degree. From there, one can choose to pursue an LLM Master’s degree which helps if a person wants to be in college education. Else, he can directly apply to a corporate firm or opt for judicial exams to become a district judge.

5.International Opportunities

Opting for law, it doesn’t mean one restricts oneself to national boundaries. He can choose to study to procure a license to practice international law and enter into a global legal platform.
It’s better to be well informed about a career choice. Choosing Law as a career is far much more rewarding these days as the profession offers money as well as good scope to learn and grow.