Uzma who had alleged that Tahir Ali had married her at gunpoint has finally made it back to India. She had approached the Islamabad High Court asking to be sent back to India. She had taken refuge in the Indian High Commission alleging that she was forced to marry at gunpoint. Islamabad High Court issued orders for her free return.

Speaking to the media, she said “I’ve seen women who go there after arranged marriages. They’re miserable and living in terrible circumstances. There’re two, three, even four wives in every house,”

“If I’d remained there for a few days more, I would have died.”

Uzma thanked Sushma Swaraj for her safe return.

“Happiest day in my life. I want to thank Sushma Swaraj it was because of Sushma ji that I am alive and she helped me a lot for my safe return,” said UZma.

Swaraj, in turn, thanked Uzma for “believing in the Indian High Commission”.

“After hearing her ordeal it became our responsibility to save Uzma, she is India’s daughter,” said swaraj.


Uzma met Tahir Ali in Malaysia and fell in love with him, according to reports.

She then travelled to Pakistan earlier this month where, she said, she was forced into marriage on 3 May.

All is well that ends well.