Breast Cancer is the most invasive form of cancer which women all around the world are facing these days. 16% of all the female cancers are accounted by the Breast Cancers. 18.2@%of all the cancer deaths world wide are because of breast cancer.

In urban India people are slowly gaining awareness of this about this deadly disease but there are still uncountable number of females who are unaware. There are a few facts which women overlook and a few that they are unaware about. All this makes a person more prone to be an diagnosed patient. Here we are giving you an insight into what theis cancer is.

Anatomy of a Breast

A breast like every other part of the body is made up of billions of microscopic cells. There is an orderly fashion in which these cells keep multiplying to replace the dead ones.

In a female’s breast consists of fat, connective tissue and many lobules which makes a woman lactate. There are also lactiferous duct tubes which carry the milk from these glands to the nipple.

The breast cancer which begins in the lactiferous duct is called Ductal Carcinoma and the one which begins in the lobules is called Lobular Carcinom. Ductal Carcinome is very common where as Lobular Cancer is very rare.

The cancer cells multiply at a very fast rate and leads to a very aggressively increasing cancer.


Every woman should watch out for any of the signs or the symptoms given below:

  • A lump in the breast; most of the lumps are not cancerous and are just an area of thickened tissue but women should consult a doctor to eliminate any worse possibility.
  • A rash on or around the nipples
  • A swelling or a lump in any of the armpits
  • Pain in the armpits or breasts
  • Having a discharge from any of the nipples
  • Pitting or redness on the skin of the breast
  • Change in appearance of the nipple; becoming inverted or sucked in
  • Change in size or shape

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

For diagnosing Breast cancer, doctors resort to a routine Breast cancer Screening. If a woman experiences or notices any of the above mentioned signs or symptoms, she should consult a doctor and should undergo a complete diagnosis. The doctors may use physical examination as their first approach. They will look out for any abnormalities and will proceed further. For a proper diagnosis doctors recommend X-Ray (Mammogram), Breast Ultra sound, Biopsy or Breast MRI.

After a thorough examination, the doctors will get to know if the tissue inside the breast is cancerous or not. If cancerous, they will decide it’s stage and whether it is invasive or not. Deciding the stage of cancer is absolutely vital as it decides what approach of treatment will follow next.


The degree of treatment of breast cancer is decided by the stage of cancer and to how far it has spread. The major treatment options include:

  • Radiation therapy (radiotherapy)
  • Surgery
  • Biological therapy (targeted drug therapy)
  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy

The women who fight with breast cancer not only need the medicinal approach to heal them, they are also advised to see a psychologist to show them the right way of life. The chances to fight the breast cancer are very high given the woman is willing to give it all that she has got.

Ladies, We request you to be aware and spread as much awareness as you can regarding the Breast Cancer. By educating someone on the issue, you may be saving a life.

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