PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is wrongly stated in India many a times as PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease). It’s not a disease but just a disorder.

These days our life styles have changed drastically. Our eating habits, our work out routines have all been our secondary priorities, Career being Primary. Since we have neglected our health in terms of our choice of food and our exercise patterns, our bodies have retaliated a bit. PCOS is one such form which shows that the hormones in our bodies are not in balance. Let’s get to know the syndrome better to treat it better.

Where it all starts

Basically ovaries have a layer of androgenic hormones that a female body converts into estrogen. This process is called Aromatization which can be hampered by some enzymes. In the presence of these enzymes, the body finds it hard to convert androgenic hormones to estrogen one, which then rule the body, leading to male characteristics like body and facial hair, mood swings and inability to conceive.

In simpler terms, Androgenic hormones are the male hormones which are present in both males and females. In females, the body converts them into estrogen, the female hormone. Sometimes when this conversion gets hampered, the body gets dominated by the male hormones and lead to PCOS. Let’s have a look at what causes PCOS. 

What Causes PCOS

A leading cause of this hormonal imbalance in the body of a female is the excess use of GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms. Sadly the top 3 GMO’s; soya, corn and palm oils are excessively used in our food industry. All the chips, wafers that you buy have either one or all three of them. One who is suffering from this disorder must check the ingredients and shall look for corn syrup, corn flour, Soya, Soya lecithin and palm oil. Chinese food or I shall say the indo Chinese food is full of all three of these GMO’s which harm your hormonal system. Milk and beef contain high quantities of these GMO’s as well.

Insulin Resistance

All the hormones in our bodies work in a pattern of chains. One perfect hormone leads to a perfect system and one imbalance leads to the entire hormonal system to be imbalanced. Many endocrinologists say that Insulin Resistance is a byproduct of PCOS and that is the reason doctors treat this hormone (Insulin) to get the rest of the hormones to work properly.

Insulin is actually the hormone which regulates sugar in our body. It is the key which tells the cells of our system to process sugar. Sometimes over eating of sugar leads to a damaged system and a resistance for insulin is developed. This leads to increased insulin in the body and a hormonal imbalance happens. One imbalance leads to the disruption of the entire endocrine system.

How to cure PCOS

There are few things that one can adopt to heal their hormones. One of those things is a walk. A peaceful walk without huffing or puffing for at least 45 minutes a day will boost up your mood, hormones as well as your metabolism. It will lead to a balance in your hormones if done consistently.

A good workout can also help you to cure this disorder. As we previously mentioned that in PCOS androgenic hormones increase in the body, it’s better to use those hormones for a different purpose. When you work out, those androgenic hormones prioritize their work and start to repair the wear and tear of your muscles. This in turn leaves the eggs healthy enough to ovulate.

We hope this information gives you a picture of what you are dealing with. Here is a video which you can watch to understand this disorder in a better way to cure it in the long run without the extra dose of medicines.

Click here to watch the video.