For every parent the transition from home to school is as difficult as it is for the child. Before starting his education, the pre-school starts. It is like the warm up period given to your child to get accustomed for staying away from home for a few hours. As parents, you want the best of things for your children. Preparing your child to go to school, making him comfortable in the environment, ensuring that he will be given proper care and many more such agendas are on your mind before you make a move. When we embark upon a hunt to search for the pre-school,  a point by point guide comes in handy so that we don’t miss out on anything important.

Here we have prepared a list for you to find the best suited Pre-School for your child.

The Location

The location of the Pre-School plays a very vital role in the selection process. The school should be located near by because it’s the initial preparation to go to school in the long run. You may need to attend to your child’s needs even after you leave him in the Pre-school. If the location of the school will be very far away, it will take lots of your time to reach your child and the unnecessary delay can make your child hate the entire concept of schooling.

Find a school which is near by and you can reach there in a few minutes if needed be.

Cleanliness and the Light

Children feel comfortable when they are given a nice, clean environment to play in. A properly lit up school with clean toys, hygienic toilets are a must to look for. In major cities, since space is a constraint, many pre schools have started in constricted spaces. You have to take care that the space has enough light and a happy feel to it. They play area should also be checked for cleanliness as they slides and the swings tend to get dirty very easily.

Number of students per caregiver

The ratio of students to staff is very crucial because it determines the amount of direct attention your child will be getting. Majorly there are two to three students per caregiver . This number makes it easy for the care givers to monitor the children properly. They will be under direct supervision and their needs won’t get delayed because of the caregiver’s divided attention. Make sure that the teachers or the care givers are paying full attention to the kids while they are under their care.

Retaining of caregivers

The daycare is all about catering to a child right from the age of 3 months. A child who is so small takes time to get acquainted to a person. He may develop a liking for a teacher and it might become one of the reasons for him to get motivated to go to school. Hence, the turnover of the caregivers or the staff must be very low. If the staff gets changed regularly, it will become a hassle for your child to adjust. Everyday a new person coming to take care of him will irritate him and he will not prefer going to school altogether.

Qualifications of the staff

The staff at the day care will be teaching your child in all spheres of life. They will be teaching your child manners, speech, habits and many more things. The children going to pre school are so observant that they pick up random behavior from the people they spend most of their time with. It’s of utmost importance that the day care has the best staff with appropriate qualifications in early childhood education. Their behavior with the children is one of the factors which determines how good an adult they grow up to be.

The indoor and outdoor activity Ratio

As a parent you need to know the amount of time your child will spend outdoors as it will affect his interests in the long run. Spending time outside will ensure that he has a strong immune system and is connected with nature. Spending almost the same amount of time indoors will make him learn new things. An all round development is expected when there is a balance between indoor and outdoor activities of a child.


Nowadays in every school there is a full coverage of what your child is doing. There are Cctv cameras installed in every single corner and your child is always under surveillance. While you look for a school, make sure that you have access to the footage of your child whenever you want. This will keep the regulatory authorities under pressure to give the best care to your child.

The disciplinary actions

Last but not the least, you need to be aware of the situations your child would face if he gets punished. The disciplinary policy of any daycare or nursery is a must read document for you. You need to know how your child will be disciplined if he misbehaves. His behavior should obviously be in check but the measures taken to control it are very important. Please inquire in detail, the actions which the care givers take to discipline your child.

We know how important your children are to you. Make the best use of this guide and find the best suited school for your little one.