Summer Trends 2017; Your guide to a Wardrobe Makeover

Our clothes are the perfect expression of our inner self. The heat makes us mad when we wear the clothes which don’t go well with the weather. The fashion trends for this summer have already been rocking and we are here to guide you through a much needed ward robe makeover. Before you head out to the stores to find yourself the right colors and designs, we are presenting to you the perfect guide to style yourself this summer.

Beat the heat with theses clothes. Stay stylish, comfortable and look as trendy as ever.


Since light colors are best suited for summer, we thought that there is not much choice as pale pink and a light blue are already ruling our wardrobes. This season, the pinks and the blues are not ruling, it’s yellow and green which are creating the wows. These damsel colors give a mild hint of comfort and enhance your delicate looks manifold.

Have a look:




New Prints

This season floral is flowing everywhere. The prints of happy flowers with a mix match of bright and pale hues are everyone’s favorites. Along with the floral, stripes have made a comeback too. Cut outs from our sea side umbrella, these sea side stripes are ruling the summer trends this summer.


Slit Slevees

From the full flared sleeves, the slit sleeves have made their way to the fashion runway. Paired up with a floral shirt or denims or shorts, these sleeves are slaying all the way. The small cut outs give a very summery and breezy look.



Over sized Handbags

The favorite accessory of the season are the over sized hand bags. They are exaggerated to the optimum and now they are so big that they can accommodate an entire wardrobe. The bright and subtle colors are both in this season. Rule the charts while you carry your bags in style and be the fashionista you always wanted to be.


These top trends will give you the runway looks and you will beat the summer in style. Stay tuned to for more such style tips.



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