I can’t forget the day I became a mother. There is just one way to describe the feeling I had that day, and it’s called eternal joy. I remember holding my little one in my arms for the first time made me feel that life is a miracle. I was holding a living, breathing little me in my hands. Tears filled my eyes when I heard her first cry. Oh that sound! I can’t forget how blessed I was feeling to bring a new life into this world. My little darling is just a bit short of being 2 years old and till date whenever she smiles my heart feels the same eternal joy, I felt that day.

After I became a mother, I realized a few things. Many people told me that things will change when you will have a child of your own. But who believes the experiences of others right? But now, as I am bringing up my munchkin, I realize that those experiences were true to a tee. So I am planning to do what the other did. I am penning down the things I realized after I became a mother.

I have a new found respect for my parents

Let’s start with the one all the mothers out there must have felt. When we bring up a child, it’s nothing like taking a stroll down the park. It’s far much more complicated and intriguing than that. No roses are laid down my path when my darling pees on the floor and plays with it. She makes me go mad a hundred times in a day and then again I fall in love with her when she calls me “mumma”. Sometimes I get to a point where I recall the experiences of my parents and say that I don’t know how they managed when I was a child.

After millions of such episodes, where I get to the verge of crying or pulling my hair out, I feel great to be the child who was never slapped even once in her childhood. I don’t know what source of patience my parents had.

It needs more than just willingness to bring up a child

Bringing up a child, is just like I said before, more tedious than we can imagine. When two people decide to bring a child into this world, they just think that their willingness to have a small child in the house is enough to raise him. But the real shocker arrives, when you start to lose your sleep, your patience and eventually your sanity. Like your husband, your baby doesn’t have a “I understand” bone in his body. He will cry his lungs out if he is hungry. It doesn’t matter if you worked 15 hours straight and just rested your eyes. He doesn’t understand and you have to understand that.

I never knew it would be this hard that one day I will have a break down in the middle of the street and won’t even care that other people are looking. It was me being a full time mother, with tears filled up in my eyes because my baby was rolling down on the floor asking me to go sit on the dog.

It’s hard and will need you to feel like the person with utmost patience on earth. Willingness is required but you need to know what you are looking forward to. It’s hard, I know, but I can assure you that it’s a hundred times more rewarding.

Raise yourself to Raise your child

Here comes the solution. Over the period of two years and after reading a million books on parenting, I can say that there is no one way to raise a good child. The only way I found out, which was doing wonders, was to raise myself to the standard where I want to see my child. Studies say that a child is all ears till the time he turns twelve. He will be your best audience because he will learn every single thing from you. He might learn new mischief, curse words or many other things from school or his friends but they would be temporary. It’s how you react to them, which decides if the habit he picked up will stay with him forever or not. So ladies, Do everything in your power to be the exact same person you want your child to be when he grows up. That’s the only way you would be sure that you set up the best example for your child. Leave the rest. Things eventually fall into place.

I know you might have many thoughts running in your mind after reading my parenting story, Share yours in the comments below. I would love to hear your story too.

Until next time, Happy Parenting.