We all love shopping, don’t we? It serves as our entertainment spree, our stress reliever, and more often than not our mood up lifter. But Ladies, Be aware, Shopping is the blessing in disguise. It can give you the ultimate satisfaction of being independent and can also give you the maddening affect of guilt if you make unnecessary, impulsive purchases.

Have you ever received a lecture from your mom or your mother in law about the unnecessary expenses you make? Have they ever narrated their experiences to you and asked you to learn from them?

Well, the most surprising fact is that they are not wrong when they judge us for making unruly expenses. We all cater our comforts and go to malls and marts to make our usual purchases. And very often we find ourselves buying something just because we were getting a good deal.

Being a financial analyst, I decided to be on odessey to find some ways to save our hard earned money. I have gathered together some tips and tricks for you to be a smart shopper and save some lengths from your precious wallets.

Shopping is the temptress you don’t wanna surrender to

The easiest way to our wallets is through our senses and the marketers all around the world are very well aware of our weakness. Imagine passing by a spa and smelling those tantalizing aromas coming out and seducing you with all the pleasures they offer. Have you noticed the bright lights they put in the corners which offer high end watches or jewelry? Wouldn’t you wanna loose some money and go ahead to give yourself some pampering? Well, you should but you should always be aware that these atmospherics are designed to entice you. Don’t let yourself be seduced by something which you might regret later.

Stick to the list

Many of us have a habit of making a list of all the things we need to buy before we head over to any mall. But when we start picking up things from the shelves, we get into impulsive purchases. We complete the list along with some unnecessary items which we could have stalled for a little time.

Here’s the trick: Just aim at finishing the list and whatever item you find attractive, you can save it for your next visit. This way you will save yourself from the impulsive buying and until your next shopping spree you will get time to think if you really need the merchandise.

Group shopping is hazardous to the health of your wallet

Isn’t it a perfect idea to go out shopping with a bunch of friends on a breezy afternoon? But think twice before heading out because the average spending will be decided by the common consensus. When you go out shopping in a group, the consensus decides that 5000 bucks is normal expenditure on a dress and you would end up flaring around the city thinking what the hell was I thinking?

Don’t get wooed by the lower prices

The marketers today are smarter than you think. When you think they have lowered the prices of goods, you don’t realize that they have also reduced the quantity. For instance a bag of chocolates costs 500 bucks for 500gms in general. One day you find out that the same bag costs 470 and you pick up the bag with the contentment of being a smart, money saving female. What you don’t realize here is that the quantity got reduced by 150gms but the price just reduced by 30.

So, my dear friends don’t let your judgment by swayed away by the marketing gimmicks. Use your intelligence and don’t let your emotions over power you. Save some of your precious money so that it can be put to good use.