Makeover, sounds interesting and exciting right? It is very important to have a clean and beautiful desk at work. Sitting all day in the same chair looking at the same desk, can make the day quiet dull and boring.

After home, workplace is where we spend most of our time. So, keeping it to our taste and clean is very important. The key is not to over-do. A minimalist approach with some very easy approaches will go a long way.

  • Add one or two plants, that gives you some fresh air and a refreshing look. You are in those closed rooms under the lights for 8 hours a sight of greenery will add some freshness. At the same time don’t overcrowd it with too many of them
  • Try to add some seasonal/ festive accessories to keep you in the spirit of the season. A little Christmas tree or a DIY wax lamp can make your desk look festive and happy.
  • Keep an emty bottle of wine with some fairy lights to add a dash of color.
  • Don’t over clutter with a lot of stuff
  • Print responsibly and recycle when you think you don’t need those anymore
  • When you are too stressed out take a sticky note and draw something. Collect them and create a beautiful collage.
  • You can use your bulletin board to hang any picture which makes you smile every time you look at it.
  • Invest in some organizers to keep things in place
  • Make a color sceheme for all your files and tag them with stickers to lessen the chaos.
  • We must understand that we share the place with our colleagues and it is important not to make it look discriminating/ religious

Take a look at the images below and get inspired:


A lovely thread creating a happy frame for you to enjoy every time you take your eyes off the screen. Two glass candles and a plant in the corner. Doesn’t this desk look like a place which will take away all your stress?


Here’s the creative collage we were talking about. Your random scribbles can actually be the art you might want to preserve. Putting them up on the bulletin board will not just give your desk a creative touch, it will also make your workplace more lively for you.


This one is for those who have a mild to aggressive OCD. It’s super clean and hence super impressive. Just a plant on the desk to give life to your lifeless day.


Here is how a color theme can make your work desk look organised and sophisticated. A few statement pieces can add lots of charm. You can find more such decorative pieces to organize your stationery but make sure that you don’t over do them.