What you need in your handbag

A handbag is a girl’s favorite accessory. It not just carries the things we use, it also enhances our attires. The bright colors add style and glimmer to our look and the subtle tones add the sophistication. It’s the only fashion mantra which can never go wrong. Apart from creating the fashion statement for us, our handbags also serve the purpose of being our rescuer in almost all the emergency situations. Be it a wardrobe malfunction or a blister from a new shoe, our handbags have a fix for it all.

Here we have gathered together some of the most essential things which every girl out there carries in her bag.

A Comb

Can you imagine your hair getting messed up by a sudden blow of air? Or a cuddling session with your child leaving your hair looking like a lion coming straight out of his den? Well, your handbag always has a fix. The small comb which women always carry with them saves them the embarrassment of having messed up hair. A brush or two, and we are good to go.

Safety Pins

The most essential in a girl’s bag are these safety pins. We don’t know when a wardrobe malfunction is going to strike. Every time we need a quick fix to adjust our clothes, safety pins are a handy solution.

Lip sticks

These ones are every girls favorite. It’s​ very natural to smudge the colors we wear on our lips. After having a drink or a bite to eat, we end up eating all of the lipstick which was till then adding pop colors to our face. Carrying the shade we are wearing with us, makes it so much easier to retouch smudged, half eaten color on lips.


Oh our innocent hands!! We just can’t imagine the places where our hands have been to. Holding on to the clutches of train, those dirty seats of a cab or the railings of a mall and many more such places, which soil our hands. It’s better to carry a sanitizer in the handbag than to find a place to wash our hands every time.

Tampon or a Sanitary Pad

We don’t know when the calamity is happening. We might have a faint idea about the date but we are never sure when the due date is. Carrying a Tampon or a Sanitary pad helps us escape the most embarrassing situation of all. Sometimes we can be the god sent help for a fellow woman who got her period out of the blue.


Since it’s our birth right to wear high heels, we often find ourselves sacrificing the comfort to look just a few inches taller. This quick save from the blisters is a must for all the girls. It doesn’t take away


Just like Temperatures take a toll on our skin, they take away our mist too. Constant sweating makes our fragrances vanish over time. Carrying a small perfume will make us ever ready for all the sudden encounters. A sudden meeting or a date can very well be ruined by our body odor. Perfume is the save here and it’s found in almost all of our bags.


Last but not the least, this is the thing which we can’t survive without. Our phone has become our lifeline. We can’t imagine our day to go without peeping into our phones every two minutes. There is always a charger which finds a place in our bags because well, we can’t afford to let our phones die, can we?

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  1. This is so handy. Thanks for the article. Looking forward to many more such tips.

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