Tips for Dressing Your Baby

Babies are our world to us. Our whole life revolves around them after they mark their presence in our lives. Our only motto after having a child is to give him all the comforts of life. We try to give them the best of toys, the best of books, and the best of every other thing they need. In this attempt we often find out that our baby is not cherishing the comfort as he should have been. This happens majorly with clothes. We bring them the happiest colors, in the comfy designs but something or the other keeps going wrong with our choice.

For a parent, a smile on the face of their child is the utmost expression of happiness. If they are not comfortable in what they are wearing it is rather hard to find that smile on their face and we know parents would do anything and everything on their part.

To make it a little easy, here are some tips for dressing your baby that would help your baby be happy in what he or she wears.

  • Pick the right size and it is easier said than done! We cannot always go by the age brackets given on the clothes and not all brands fit the same. Too big or too small a baby suit is as good as your scarf hanging in your closet. So, the first tip is to make sure that the size of your baby’s outfit is perfect. A few centimeters bigger is fine but if it’s smaller that the required size, your baby will be very uncomfortable.
  • It is always a good idea to rinse before the first use. You can also try ironing and use a lint roller to remove if there is any lint


  • This is an expert tip. It is always better to find outfits with cotton lining. Cotton is the only material which is best suited for your child’s soft, supple skin. It will not create a rash and will soak the sweat if any. In winters also, it will keep the body heat of your child locked in.
  • Since children don’t need any accessories, just a matching pair of socks will make a big impact. They are cute as it is and it’s natural for them to make heads turn in a park. No amount of accessory can alter their charming quotient, so why make it hard on your little one. Keep the accessories to a minimum and let your child breathe.

Pink Girl Baby Clothes Baby Girl Booties Baby

Always see that your child should not develop a rash or an irritation after you make them wear new clothes. Comfort is all they are seeking and you should too seek the same. Babies are in style, not their clothes.

Have a happy comfy Baby!!