We all have grown up watching the beautiful ads which told us that the most precious gift anyone can ever give to a woman is a diamond. These beautifully crafted stones give us the joy of being loved. We cherish these sparkly pieces on our fingers, our nose pins our neck pieces and every part of jewelry we wear. There is something so special about diamonds that they make us feel beautiful from within.

Let’s look at how you can make her feel special without having to put your feelings in words.

 1) A neck piece

Whenever a woman dresses up, her attire is incomplete without the accessories. The most important piece she puts on,is in the neck. Her delicate skin compliments the sparkle of the diamonds she wears. Gift her a piece to suit her vase like neck and see her smile from ear to ear.

Floral Diamond choker with layer of chains added with some southsea pearls.


2) Ring

Well, a stone on a finger is something every woman needs. The bigger the stone, the bigger is her pride. Since forever a diamond ring is associated with the expression of love. No other thing says love more than a big glittery rock on the hands. You can choose to get the diamond studded in gold or platinum. Two little ruby’s or emerald’s on the side of a big Diamond makes a ring to die for.

3) Nose pins

In India, it’s a tradition to wear nose pins. Both married and unmarried women wear a nose pin. It add to their Serene beauty. The calm on their face gets so gracefully justified with a tiny diamond nose pin. This is a gift which doesn’t command a very hefty charge on your wallet and makes a perfect gift to please the woman you love.
 nose pins

4) Bangles

Ah, these ones are to die for. What beats a bangle which shouts exquisite in style. Wearing a single sparkle in your hands is much more glamorous and is far less uncomfortable than wearing a whole bunch. One piece with diamonds studded all throughout, is all you need to make your woman feel blessed.
Mother’s day is not far away. Gift your mom a piece which she can cherish for life. Memories never grow old and we assume the memories of your childhood must be fresh in your mind. Show your mom the affection she showered upon you in your childhood, Gift her a Diamond.