Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Our clothes speak a thousand words and we can’t deny the fact that our clothes define how we feel any given day. We, as women, spend uncountable hours in deciding how to dress ourselves for any special occasion. Sometimes the decisions become easy as we have a favorite brand to go to. We choose one from their collection and we are good to go. One such adored brand is the Golden Thread Productions run by the very talented Kavitha Gutta.

Women never give a second thought before choosing a dress from the Golden Threads Collection. Serving the traditional Sarees, Lehengas and the modern day dresses, Golden Threads Production has it all.


Our country has a colorful tradition of wearing the graceful atties like Sarees and Lehengas. Being raised in a country with such glorious traditions, Kavitha Gutta found her inspiration. It was hard not to notice the splendor of Indian art and craft . Kavitha Gutta used her inspiration to create and reinvent the fabrics, the designs and the embroideries to match modern idealism. Founded in the year 2010, the brand Golden Threads created by Kavitha Gutta has created an acclaim for creating enchanting Indian apparel with a modern idealism for the modern woman.

Every season the signature prints from our traditional attires, opulent organic fabrics and intricate embroideries are used to create illustrious designs. Each garment if crafted with utmost care. Each of the creations is handcrafted to perfection, with meticulous attention to aspects such as cut, color, drape and feel of the garment.

The designs which makes this brand exclusive are the ones which are crafted for brides. The intricate craftsmanship shown in the entire bridal collection is marvelous. The embroideries and the precious stones used in the bridal wear make the brand stand out. Here are a few jewels from the Golden Threads Collection. You can visit their website to buy the designs you adore.